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Michael Lohman

Michael Lohman began fly fishing alongside his father in 1972.  Fly fishing quickly became an obsession for Michael as he learned through trial and error along with the help of many books.  Michael has developed an incredible background in fly tying along with traditional angling methods of wet fly fishing.  Michael is also very well versed in nymphing and dry fly fishing.  Also loves to swing soft hackles for trout. 

Locally, Michael likes to fish the Pocono and Lehigh Valley Streams and he is particularly fond of the Brodhead Creek in the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania area.  Michael has also caught countless Bluefish and Stripers along the eastern coast of the United States and enjoys saltwater fly fishing tremendously.  

Over the years, Michael has fished in many places for many different species of fish.  Michael has fished for bass, pike,  trout, and brook trout in Canada and Newfoundland. Michael has also fished for bonefish and permit in Mexico and several islands in the Bahamas, as well as tarpon in the Florida Keys.  

Facebook: Michael Lohman

Hook Mustad 3906b #10

Thread 12/0 Euro thread in burnt orange
Tail and hackle brown partridge.

Ribbing size A dark brown silk

Body Earthen clay electric wool

Thorax Butterscoth electric wool

I use Electric wool on many of my flys. The color selection is endless. I also really like the micro flash. I am a big believer in using flash sparingly. It also dubs extremely well. Also the dyed partridge done by George is fantastic.

I use it in several colors. George dyes it to match the colors of electric wool. Fantastic idea. This combo has inspired many of my patterns.


John Latschar


 Thread: 140 D Fl. Pink UTC Hook: size 2 Mustad 3366 Tail: Pink hen pheasant marabou feather Abdomen: Pink Belly Electric Wool blended with natural gray squirrel fur - split thread Hackle: Pink hen pheasant soft hackle Collar: Aftershaft feather from Pink hen pheasant skin - tied in split thread

Instagram: dc410

My name is John Latschar and I’m from southeastern PA. I’ve been tying flies and flyfishing for over 40 years. I enjoy all kinds of flyfishing for trout (particularly wild trout & blue lining for PA’s native brookies). I also enjoy chasing Smallmouth and many other species of warmwater fish in PA. I have also acquired a real love over the past number of years for targeting carp with the fly rod.   

I really appreciate George’s working with me to customize dying a hen pheasant skin to match with Jack’s electric wool dubbing to the achieve the exact effect of what I was looking for in this variation of Gartside’s Sparrow Nymph for Pacific Salmon.

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Micro streamer

Hook: Partridge attitude extra #2

Undertail: yellow/olive marabou 

Tail/back: Micro pulsator strips black barred olive variant

Belly: Electricwool seaweed

Head: Electricwool raven & Dark seaweed blended

Eyes: Fishskull living eyes ice 6mm

Dirty olive