Partridge skins electricwool dubbing catgut

Angler spotlight


Thread UTC 70 in a rust color
Hook- orvis tactical
nymph size 16
Tail-pheasant tail
Abdomen-old moss dubbing
Rib is small amber wire
Thorax is also old moss brushed out
Wing case is Pheasant tail


My name is Jeff Gensheimer and I’m from eastern Pennsylvania. I started fly fishing before I could drive a car, I used to walk down to the Bushkill Creek and toss around wooly buggers and scratched the surface of nymphing.
I consider myself a well rounded angler that isn’t shy about throwing streamers or dries but when you grow up in an area riddled with limestone spring creeks you better learn how to throw small nymphs!
I enjoy chasing trout through the winter but really switch gears to migratory shad on the Delaware, but you can certainly find me back on the rivers and creeks for a good dry fly hatch before the waters get to warm before I switch to Smallmouth bass on the rivers. You can also find me in the mountain blue lines chasing little natives with the dry fly sticks
I really enjoy tying my nymphs with Electric wool because it’s easy to build a smooth tapered body with little bulk. The range of colors is huge, my favorite is the old moss.
You can follow me on Instagram at jlg_flyfishing
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Truman Nicholson

 HOOK: Daiichi #16 wet fly hook

Tail : cdl light ginger pardo

 Ribbing: sm. utc hot yellow

 Abdomen: Pheasant tail

Thorax: Electicwool earthen clay 

Hackle: Partridge dyed to match earthen clay electricwool dubbing 

Thread: Semperfli 12/0 waxed red



Instagram: truman_flyfishing

I started fishing in the mountains of South Carolina in the 70's. A friend got me hooked on flyfishing in the early 90's. Sometime later I became interested in tying and bought a beginners tying kit that would fit into a shoe box. Like everyone I started with the basics, buggers & pheasant tails. Roughly 5 years ago social Media lit a fire to my tying and I quickly discovered what other tiers were doing with new materials and photography. I've come to love and respect this hobby that really is an art form. My materials stock now rivals some fly shops.

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Micro streamer

Hook: Partridge attitude extra #2

Undertail: yellow/olive marabou 

Tail/back: Micro pulsator strips black barred olive variant

Belly: Electricwool seaweed

Head: Electricwool raven & Dark seaweed blended

Eyes: Fishskull living eyes ice 6mm

Dirty olive